For the Love of Content

There is a science around managing  social media platforms and creating a website. Most people I come across laugh at the fact that I manage non- profits different social media pages and think I do nothing all day. I guess they don’t know content strategy is a real thing. What better way to get your attention by showing you some infographics!! Side note, I love infographics but only when they are done correctly and designed beautifully. 

For the love of content, let’s begin the debrief from blah to beauty.


Lettuce: Knowing the culture of your business will help you figure out what ‘tone’ your content will have. Figuring out the tone will determine what platform the media or text will be shared on.

Pickles: Who is your targeted audience? Do videos get more views on your website compared to the last blog post (which was a novel?) See what creates engagement/ conversation to keep the audience engaged.

Cheese: Hmmmm….. keywords. I do think keywords are important in some cases such as #Hashtags. As for websites your brand is the keyword or the type of service you provide.

Meat: Very well put, the content strategy is you telling a story to your followers. In the notes of this weeks topic there is a section about Writing for Social Media that is the beef or vegetables to the burger. Let’s review.

1. Don’t post LAME facts

2. Use more then just words to tell your story. Everyone likes picture books

3. Avoid being obvious that you are trying to sell a product or service

4. Write like you are starting a 2 way conversation between you and the audience

5. Having a personal vibe is better then being uptight and corporate

6. Remember the topic is your brand at the end of the day

Sauce: Target audience which should be your second priority after you determine what your goal is.

Bun: The platform which is very important when deciding how to share your story with the audience.

Overall I think this inforgraphic could use a little work. Visually I’m not impressed and I think it could do a better job of explaining content.


To view it bigger, look here!  I do not want to pixelate the image. 

Big Idea:  Brainstorm! YES, and do not forget to set a goal and figure out what your intentions are.

Communication Platform: This is very important and sometimes I think overlooked. For example when I see really long Facebook posts that no one is going to read. Something like that should be shared on a blog or if it has a corporate vibe then the website. I also like how this point brings up the different types of visuals such as video, tweets and even an infograph. As well as choosing more then one option or a combination. What is so amazing is how the different social media platforms can all be interconnected and engaging for the audience.

Audience: Again, the audience is a little to far down the list at number 3. Maybe it is cause I think much like a marketer but I still think the audience should be somewhere around the BIG IDEA!

Delivery: Determine what platform, how the content will be organized and integrated.

Content: 6 Basic Types of Content (from our notes) & Upload                                                 1. Will it be original?                                                                                                                     2. Who will be creating the content? You, an internal or external team and what is the style of content everyone is creating?                                                                                                     3. Using content that requires a licenses?                                                                                   4. Is the intent to create conversation between audience members?                                           5.  Presenting the content in a strategic way and well organized                                                 6.Aggregated

Side note: notice the QR Code at the bottom? Why would I scan the code when I’m already on the computer. Another example of QR Codes being used ineffectively


I’m sad this won’t appear bigger but see every detail on GOOD content strategy here, on Social Media Today! 

Part 1. What I like about this image is that it is more informative on the type of content you want to create. It breaks down the different styles content such how to be informative, entertaining and different in a fun way. The little boxes are you goals you need to think about. The image continues to guide us in creating a solid content strategy and makes us question if the strategy is visually attractive, relevant to the brand and convenient for viewing.

Part 2. I wish this next part was a little easier to read but it reminds us of the type of content we are looking to create and what other departments need to be involved. As well as reminding us that the content must fit the brands identity or else the content will seem unorganized and leave the viewer confused. An important question is raised, what media is being used? What are the platforms and a big one, mobile device or desktop?

Part 3. Common mistakes, quality metrics and most important evaluation.

Well that sums up this weeks post For the Love of Content. Take a look at this traditional infographic style that is informative and makes stats fun!



2 thoughts on “For the Love of Content

  1. I’ve used the second infographic in presentations and always have difficulty explaining it. Number three is the best from my perspective. And, good catch re: the QR code . . . sometimes what people do on social makes me scratch my head. Duh!

  2. warrenpot says:

    These are nice images you found. When I was looking for good infographics around how to create good content, I hadn’t found #3. it is all the things it says good content should be, informative, entertaining, creative, and wonderfully packaged. Oh, an memorable – I was able to remember all that after reading it for less than a minute. A great graphic thanks for sharing it.

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