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Let the Memes Be Ever in your Favour

See how important images are in the world of the interweb with Olympian Ashely Wanger. After she made an angry face when receiving her score the ‘face’ is seen in photos other then skating. 



See more of these memes on Mashable 


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The Value of Promoted Anything on Twitter! (M2)

Having promoted tweets, accounts and trends costs money. The range is from 5 cents to $10, 000. I was taken back by the $10,000. Don’t know what those are? Lets explore!

What is a promoted tweet?

A promoted tweet is when a company pays to have a special 140 characters appear in a non- followers timeline to help create conversation or some sort of engagement. They also appear in the search bar and are found by a key #Hashtag.

Cost: 20 cents – $5

How does it work? Cost per Engagement (CPE) = every time someone clicks, retweets  or reply’s.


 What is a promoted account?

Fist off an account is a business, organization, school or an individual. Most individuals do not pay for a promoted account unless they are trying to start a business or develop their professional career. When you pay for a promoted account it goes under the “who follows who” list when someone likes an account of a similar interest.

Cost:  50 cents – $5

How does it work? CPE = Every time someone clicks follow


What is a promoted trend?

A trend is something that a large majority of people are tweeting about and #Hashtagging. The top trends appear on the left hand side of the twitter page. Some trends happen organically like ThrowBackThursday (#TBT) and others are paid for.

Cost: $1,000 – $10,000+

How does it work? You pay for that trend. You own it! It shows up in the trending section and hope for the best.


So is paying for a tweet, account and trend effective in public relations? I think it is when done right. When promoted items are tied into a campaign it will be more effective.  When your favorite show is on TV and you go to follow them on twitter and next thing you know you can follow the whole cast because it suggests who you should follow (promoted accounts) them. And you do because you love the characters and want to know everything about them and the show! Would you normally search for them on Twitter? Personally no but if it’s in my face I will follow!

When there is any sort of event trends are extremely important. You want your trend (hashtag) to be on the top list because the more people talking about it the more awareness for your brand or cause. Being on the trending list is cool. It also helps people know what hashtag to use when tweeting about a topic and it also makes your paid trend on people radar. If they didn’t see it up there they wouldn’t know to tweet about.

Anything promoted on Twitter will only be effective if it is tied into a campaign, event or crisis. It helps create awareness and has the audience engaged. If you promote a tweet, account or a trend standing alone it will not be effective, engagement will low and so will your ROI.

See how TV & promoted tweets are proving to be effective! Click Me! & 5 Twitter Strategies on Mashable!

Check out Twitters View.

P.s sorry for the pixulated photos. Everything I googled looked like this.

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M1: What is Social Web?

Everyone is using it, some people get it and others don’t. Is it young vs. old? What is social web all about and what can it do for you as a Public Relations practitioner? Let’s see. The public is using social media to share their experiences about products, services, opinions on different topics or what they ate for dinner. The list can really go on but one thing is for sure that a relationship is being built with other users. For example people follow YouTube Stars and are influenced by the products/ services they talk about and in return viewers will go out and buy that product or try the service recommended.

This video tutorial video demonstrates how people build relationships online and how there are influencers on the web. In some cases companies send products to Youtube stars so they can influence purchase. 

Business are having a difficult time understanding what the social web is all about because they do not see a direct profit increases from having a Facebook page. Having a brand presence online helps consumers create a relationship, express their concerns or a way of showing how much they love a product/ service. When the consumer is engaging with a brand/ company online it is in turn being shared with their own networks and helping create awareness  and influencing  their networks. But how do you get the targeted demographic talk/ engaging with your product?  

It is the public relations team’s job to create a strategy that will know what content will connect with the targets and create conversation. Using social media platforms does not mean you have to give up on traditional media. It is using an advertising campaign on the sidewalk and bringing the conversation over to the web using different platforms.

There are three assets to help build a brand, 1. engaging content 2. what platforms is the target using to build relationships 3. engage your employees they are the connection to the public

Working in Public Relations along side the social web you must be ready to monitor, respond, debate, know when to interact and understand your audience.

The public are know longer the “people” yet participants in sharing information for different sectors in the community, city, country and the world.

Here is a cool short video on the way newer companies are thinking about the social web.

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